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Da Qi and his cousin sister, Shi Shi grew up together in a small village. Ever since Shi Shi and her family moved to Kuala Lumpur, Da Qi yearns to live there too as he misses her a lot. He accepted Shi Shi’s invitation to visit her in Kuala Lumpur during the long vacation. When he arrived at Shi Shi’s apartment, he was not able to locate her and her family. Being curious about the city and also because he liked the place he saw, he decided to stay on as a kitchen help at a western café nearby. He made up his mind to wait for Shi Shi to come home. Da Qi is not a responsible worker due to his careless nature but when he heard that the boss, Mimila has some mental problems, he was forced to obey every rule set down by her in order not to aggravate her. He waited in vain for Shi Shi to come back. At the café, through his work, he met the arrogant Elizabeth, a shy bespectacled boy, a lonely old man, a melancholic Korean youth and others. Could he accustom himself to the colourful personalities of the city? 


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