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    Ou Yang Mei and Ou Yang Ming are a pair of fraternal twins, of different sex. They are as different as day and night, in terms of appearance and intellectual prowess. Yang Mei is good in her studies and is placed in the best class, while her brother, who is a slow-learner, ends up in the weakest class. She dislikes her twin brother since young. He would always be babbling away and behaves foolishly which often resulted in Yang Mei being reprimanded by their mother. Yang Mei feels embarrassed to be seen with her brother because of his clown-liked behaviour. Most of all, she cannot tolerate her mother’s biased nature; very strict with her but allows her brother to get away with many things. 

    One day, Yang Mei saw her mother being pestered by a woman. The woman demanded for her daughter to be given back to her. Yang Mei then suspects that she must be the girl that the lady was asking for. So, after all, she and her brother being twins is just a lie...


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