Learn Sentences

《幼儿学句型》这一系列是专为二至六岁的幼儿而准备的句型学习书。本系列能让幼儿认识句型,并通过重复运用,让幼儿掌握正确的句子。在幼儿掌握句型后,再学习句子的变换。这将促进有效学习,也可认识不同结构类型的句子,有助于加强语言表达能力。 本系列的学习内容围绕所选主题设计,可以加强幼儿学习上的理解。生动的插图,则辅助幼儿理解句子的含义。而使用多种上色风格的插图,更能丰富幼儿的美感体验。 本系列共分为三套,每套十册。每套附有复习本,复习本的内容以故事呈现,以巩固幼儿所学为目的。师长可按复习本进行趣味活动,例:朗读、表演故事等等。本系列也附有汉语拼音供师长参考。

This series of ‘Learn Sentences’ is specially prepared for 2 to 6 year-old children. It enables these young children to recognise sentence structure. Through repetitive usage, it allows them to grasp sentence structure correctly. After that, they will learn to mix-and-match sentences. This will enhance effective learning, whereby different sentence structure and construct would be recognised. Hence, further strengthening their language expression.

The contents of this series encompass selected themes, which made understanding easier. Lively pictures and simple sentences help children to understand easily. Colourful pictures of different styles further enrich the lovely experience.This series is made up of 3 sets. Each set contains 10 books. Every set comes with a revision book which is filled with stories, to strengthen what the children had learnt. Teachers may carry out interesting activities guided by the revision book, for example, reading aloud, story-telling etc. This series also comes with a Han Yu Pin Yin guide for teachers’ reference.