Primary School

此系列丛书是根据我国教育课程发展中心的字汇编写,文字浅白,图片精美,色彩鲜艳。 These story books are the first publication series from Odonata Publishing. The stories are written according to the syllabus of Malaysian Chinese language for Standard 1 and 2.
根据华小一二三年级所学的字汇编写,让孩子在不依靠父母或师长的情况下,能自行阅读故事书。 Primary 1- story books based on primary level 1,2, 3syllabus. Students can read by themselves independently without any assistance from parents, teachers or others.
朝代故事是根据华小四年级课程字汇而编写的。这套故事书包含中国十个主要朝代的历史故事,让学生更深入认识中国各朝代。 Historical stories related to China’s past dynasties, recommended for teens in Standard 4.