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Since 1989 until now, The Federation of Alumni Associations of Taiwan Universities, Malaysia (FAATUM) has coordinated with the joint organizers of Malaysian Chinese Literature Festival to organize the Malaysian Chinese Children Fiction Writing Contest.

The main objectives of the Malaysian Chinese Children Fiction Writing Contest are to advocate the atmosphere of children's literature creation and to enrich children’s literature works. FAATUM as the organizer of this contest aims at cultivating and exploring more children’s fictions which are able to reflect the Malaysian society. It also aims at encouraging children to read more Malaysian Chinese children literature since young.

FAATUM had organized 12 Malaysian Chinese Children Fiction Writing Contests since 1989. The works from the 1st to 4th contest were collected and published as the first volume Colourful World. The works from the 5th to 10th contest were divided into two volumes, which were Camel on the Ceiling and The Grandmother who Ate Cockroaches.

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