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Zheng Shan Da is a Form Three student of Ren Len Independent School. He is very athletic and often shows his prowess in the sports field. The new term begins and each and every society and club in the school began their recruitment exercise. Zheng Shan Da and his school mate Xu Zi Fang happened to witness the 24-Season Drum Troupe and the Lion Dance Troupe fighting for grounds. Zheng Shan Da was for the Lion Dance Troupe and subsequently both of them joined the Lion Dance Troupe.

The new lion dance coach, Zhao Jin Long, did not teach them the steps to do the lion dance. Instead, in a month, he only got them to shape up through running. Zheng Shan Da was not happy and complained to the troupe leader. Unexpectedly after a few days, Zhao Jin Long announced that he would start to teach them the steps for lion dance. But he laid down a condition; all the members of the lion dance troupe must pass his ‘final challenge’!

The troupe lined up to the ‘battlefield’ hesitantly. Coach Zhao Jin Long wanted them to get through the hurdles in the air within a stipulated time. All the members of the troupe got through the hurdles with determination. Everyone, except Xu Zi Fang, was in time to reach the final point. Xu Zi Fang was nowhere in sight and the time left was only five minutes more...

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