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Introduction To This Book

Through this book, we hope to achieve three main objectives, namely, parent-child interaction, pleasure in reading and thinking skills training.

Rather than knowledge, wisdom - the ability to think and analyse - is what a child needed most.

"Read, Ask and Stop" are the steps we recommend for parent-child reading.

'Read' the text aloud, 'Ask' questions in the book and 'Stop' for a while before turning to the next page in no hurry.

'Stop' allows a child some time to think, and for the parents to listen attentively to the child's answer.

There is no right or wrong to an answer. No matter what the reply is, the child's answer is the best.

If a child has a creative idea, even if it is not practical, it is worthy of appreciation.

The questions in the book are meticulously designed with the quest to train a child's thinking skills.

Questions guide a child to think in three directions: analysis and judgment, inventiveness and creativity, and problem solving.

The answers in the book are for children's reference only, and do not mean that they are correct.

Let your child beknow that there may be many solutions to each problem.

If you just let your child look for the answers based on the picture, the purpose of this book will be lost.



This is a story about a little tiger named Huhu, who boldly scaled a hill, and crossed a river on a mission to pick home mangosteens for his mommy. Along the way, Huhu came across little animals caught in predicaments in the hill and by the river. Huhu's attempts to help out were to no avail initially. In the process of completing his task of picking mangosteens, he went through a series of twists and turns. Nevertheless, having gone through such a pulsating adventure, Huhu, the little tiger who thought he knew nothing better than to roar Huha! Huha! seemed to have grown up quite a bit.


About the Author

Khor Ewe Pin

A Malaysian writer in children's literature. Born in Kedah, Malaysia in 1955, he had wanted to become an artist as a child but grew up instead to become a writer.

In year 2020, as a result of home quarantine pandemic prevention, he came to be acquainted with digital illustration. The publication of this book serves to fulfill his long-standing wish to become an artist.

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