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【Publish date  21/11/2022】

Published in Chinese, English and Malay 3 editions , all editions are HARD COVER

Book Intro

Whales love singing.
They sing at different frequencies.
There was this whale that sings at an unusually higher frequency, and cannot be heard by other whales.
She has been described as the “world’s loneliest whale”.
She is known as the 52-hertz whale.
She is Alice.
“Why can’t any other whales hear me sing?”
This was Alice’s biggest challenge.
Until the day she met Grandpa Ted and Arien, that told her they can help tune her to sing like other whales.
Should she trust them and do it? She wasn’t sure.
No harm trying, she thought. Only then will she be more certain of what matters most.
Is it okay to be different? Or should we try our best to be like everyone else?
Let's see, as we journey together with Alice.


About the Author and Illustrator

Goh Joy Xine
To write is a blessing. Here’s hoping that I can pen down all stories that come to mind.
Published works:
Lost World Series: The Desolate Town (Original Version: The Sunken Town); The Moving Island; The End of the Underworld
Archieves of Interpretation of Dreams Series: Escape From Dreams
2015: Silver medal in the 6th Odonata Young Adult Novel Award, for the novel The Sunken Town.
2021: First place in medal in the 16th Malaysian Chinese Children Novel Award, for the novel Tuning Alice.

A simple Malaysian illustrator from Perak, with artworks published across many local newspapers and publications.
2019: Published his first picture book The Beauty of Being Alone through Odonata Publishing.

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